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Imagine a world where people smiled more.

A world, where people knew the impact of their smile and the difference they could make just by smiling.

A smile is a universal language.

Regardless of race, culture, traditions or social status, the power of a smile unifies mankind as one.

In its truest and realest form, a smile is the physical manifestation of pure, radiating joy. Just as the sun rays gently and warmly awaken all lifeforms that it can touch, so too does the smile of a human. A formation of facial muscles moving upwards, that is so powerful, it contagiously bounces from one soul to another. A domino effect that energetically moves through homes to schools, to workplaces, and entire communities and nations.

It’s one of our most basic and primal communication tools, and without costing a thing, it injects joy and happiness to all who encounters it.

A smile is a conscious and powerful choice.

It is one small act of kindness that’s value is priceless.

It represents compassion and unity and acceptance.

It is your smile, and it is your impact.

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Smile Makeovers

Whitening, Crowns, Composite Veneers

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Virtual Consultations

Using Artificial Intelligence to assess your smile, book your complimentary oral health screening appt

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The clear solution for straightening your teeth

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General Dentistry

Preventative, Restorative, Family Dentistry, Jaw Pain, Mouthguards

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Why we are


Gentle Dental looks at health holistically with the belief that true wellness stems from contentment and happiness – the smile being a true marker of that. Because of this we take a broad approach when giving patients the very best in dental care – combining education, sustainability and mindfulness into our care and practice in order to create a happier, healthier planet of smiles.

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