Teeth Whitening

Healthier, brighter looking smiles are not just for the rich and famous. It is easier than ever for you to have that confident smile each and every day. At Gentle Dental you can choose from two types of tooth whitening procedures. These are:

At-home Bleaching Kit
At the Gentle Dental surgery, special moulds of the upper and lower jaws are used to make personal bleaching trays to fit perfectly over your teeth. Once these trays have been made, we will go over the home bleaching system in detail. A general dental check up before undertaking the treatment is essential to ensure that the right shade of white is achieved for your smile and to treat any underlying gum disease.

Home bleaching treatments take about two weeks and the tray is worn for a few hours daily. The result also depends on the initial level of staining and the type of staining of the teeth.

Laser Bleaching
This procedure is relatively quick and done at the dental surgery. A protective barrier is applied to the gums and hardened using a bright light followed by application of the teeth whitening gel which is also activated using a bright light. After about an hour, the gel and gum protection barrier is removed leaving bright, white teeth.

Teeth whitening can be done at any age and can correct brown, yellow or motley teeth stains leaving a brighter smile.
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